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Thread: Looking at changing shard DPS warrior

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    Default Looking at changing shard DPS warrior

    I am not HK ready, but am ROS and GSB ready.(currently only have 262 Hit)
    I have cleared 4/4 DH, 4/4GP, 5/5 GSB, and 1/4 ROS

    I would need a guild that started at anywhere from 8pm PST to 10pm PST just hit me up if you are recruiting a DPS for raids around that time.

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    We're interested. We could use a couple more warrior dpsers.

    Server: Galena
    Guild Name: Veil of Darkness
    Website: http://vodarkness.guildlaunch.com/
    Raiding Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 to 8:30 Pacific. [Note that times are subject to change]
    Faction: Defiant
    Progress: GSB 1 of 5, DH 4 of 4, GP 4 of 4.

    What our Guild can offer:
    • A relaxed and fun raiding environment
    • A diverse group of players to engage in activities with
    • Mumble (Guild’s Voice Communications)
    Ideal Candidates:
    • Are mature, over 18 years
    • Possess a working headset and are not afraid to use it
    • Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode
    • Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play
    • Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset
    Contacts: Send in game messages to Samarra or Loksyl. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website, and use our recruiting form

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    sent you pm =)
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