Embers of Remembrance - Open Recruitment

Who we are: Embers of Remembrance is a casual raiding guild currently advancing through 10-man content (4/4 DH, 1/4 GP). Our philosophy is to provide an inclusive, fair environment to those seeking to complete advanced encounters.

What we're looking for: All classes are welcome; we are especially looking for solid tanks and healers. We are not min/max centric - so long as you can fulfill your role, we are happy to have you exactly as you are. We run weekly DPS/spec assistance nights for any who want to help optimize their existing rotations or to try out new spec possiblities. Our leadership is cognizant that many encounters have specific requirements for healing and DPS, and our direction has been to ensure our membership can meet those requirements before putting those events on the calendar. While this may mean we advance more slowly than some guilds, we are more than happy to do things our own way (and succeed at it!).

What we do: Our existing 10-man content night is Su @6PM EST. We are planning to add a second 10-man event during the week, likely split over two nights (either M/Tu or Th/F) and eventually replace it with a 20-man event. We have two dedicated nights (Tu/F) for T2 instance runs, and we are working towards running the DRR regularly on M/W/F nights. Saturdays normally have waves of crafting and expert rift runs at various points throughout the day. We also are working on our second guild lottery - details can be found here.

Loot system: EoR uses SK (Suicide Kings) for loot distribution in 10-man/20-man content, with /roll availability for items unclaimed via SK. When we eventually move into T2 raid content, separate lists will be maintained for T1 and T2 content. Our full loot rules can be found here.

Event attendance: Our goal is to provide the most inclusive attendance possible for all events we run. As such, we ensure that those who have gotten to attend the least are the first to be invited to an event. This is the case even for core roles - we would love nothing more than to have six capable tanks who all get the opportunity to showcase their talents! There are no policies in place requiring attendance at any guild raid or event (and there never will be). This is a game, and we treat it as such.

PvP: We have several members who would love to try and get a regular guild PvP group going one night per week (even if we're no good at it for a while). If you're interested, we'd love to have you.

Other Notes: Alts accepted and welcome; we have a solid crew of guild crafters (a list of mark-bought recipes can be found here).

How to join: Seek out Leloryn/Wyndon or MrOrange in-game for an interview. We'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have and are looking forward to hearing from you.