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Thread: Shattered Sky Recruiting Raiders

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    Default Shattered Sky Recruiting Raiders

    Want to raid without the pressures of hard core raiding?
    Well you have come to the right place!

    A bit about us:
    We are a group of Hobbyists that are looking to get back to the way things used to be, before the WoW giant dwarfed the good communities of the Online world. To get back to a time and community when people use to care about each other, fight competitively over SKILL not GEAR. To not only enjoy RIFT and all Telara has to offer, but also other games that happen to catch our collective interest.

    What we are currently doing in RIFT?
    We are currently farming Drowned Halls (4/4) and working on breaking through Gilded Prophecy (4/4) and (1/5) in Greenscale. However, Our main focus is on getting into the 20 man content and enjoying the game with each other.

    What we are looking for:

    Recruitment is currently open for all classes, casual players and raiders are welcome!

    Raider Information

    1. We do ask for those that want to raid, that you are versatile in your class roles and able to swap when needed.
    2. While we do work hard in whole as a guild to help our members improve their gear and abilities, you must be willing to spend time between raids to improve yourself as a raider.
    3. We currently raid Friday 7-10pm and Saturday 6-9pm server time and are looking for people who are available during those times.

    Want in?

    Hop on over to our website and take a look around. Like what you see? Feel free to drop in on the forums, say hi, and drop an application in the box,.

    If you are wanting to get to know us before applying, feel free to send a tell in game to Luis, Katjastarshine, Tears or Balai.
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    Just wanted to add, as a non raider and a lowbie/newbie to the game (my highest is a 46, so I'm by no means experienced in rift end game) this guild is filled with friendly people who are willing to help you learn so long as you take the time to ask the questions.

    For those who aren't max level, this guild is still a good choice even if you aren't interested in raiding, or aren't end game ready.

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    Still want raiders!

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