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Thread: Warrior 2 Mages and Rogue lf T1 raid guild

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    Default Warrior 2 Mages and Rogue lf T1 raid guild

    1 Tank Warrior 1 dps mage 1 healer mage 1 dps/support rogue looking for a guild that does t1 raid content

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    Default Defenders: Cool Guild name, Cool people, Cool t1 raid times. We even PvP!

    Check out our website Defenders of the Fallen
    Check out the recruitment thread: Forum Post

    We start DH in 2 weeks. I know most people want to hop right in right now. However, I only have 3-5 (depending) solid raid spots recruited. Therefore, one of your toons can get a solid spot.

    Up to you.
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    Default WE would love to have you

    If you would like to become a member of Shades of the Fade, please click on the "Apply to Guild" link in the top-left corner of this page and complete the application. Once accepted, you'll be eligible for full guild membership as well as have complete access to the guild forums, file server and gallery.

    Server: Galena(PvE)
    Faction: Guardian

    Shades of the Fade welcomes all types of players: hardcore, casual, PvPers, questers, crafters, newbies, experienced players, soloers and groupers. We ask that everyone follow the most simple rule, "Treat others the way you wish to be treated."

    What We Offer You:

    We do not have minimum level, gear, skill, vent, raiding, or progression requirements for individual players. Our primary interest is to let everyone play the game by doing the activities they prefer. We do, however, have a subgroup within the guild comprised of a core raid group with flexibility for those who want to only raid occasionally, a subgroup of those focused on PvP activities, and other organized subgroups as the membership desires and is willing to organize. Web and vent tools are made available to those who take on the responsibility of leading such activities.

    Raid hours and Days:
    Hk: Wed, Sun, Mon 5pm-9pm server
    Gsb/RoS: Thurs 5pm-9pm server
    RoTP Grp 1: Sat 4pm-8pm server
    RoTP Grp 2: Tues 5:30pm-8pm server

    <Shades of the Fade>
    Progression:4/4 DH, 4/4 GP,5/5 GSB,5/5 RoS, 5/10 HK, 2/4 RotP
    Guild Leader: Talun, dynamy
    Recruiting Officers: Talun, Dynamy, Paragonangel, Amerika, funkie,
    Web Site: http://shadesofthefade.enjin.com/home
    Raid Times: Wed GSB and RoS, Sun and Mon HK all raids 8pm est 10 mans have multiple groups hours and days vary

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    Hello there, I am the raid leader for Lords of Honor. We are currently recruiting DPS types. We have Greenscale 5/5 and RoS 3/5. We lost a few people to SWTOR and are needing to get a few more people to fill out our raids again. So you all would be getting full times spots. Not coming in and sitting. IF you are interested make a toon on Keenblade and shoot Elowin, Numinous, or Allegre a tell. Or message me here or on our website www.lordsofhonor.org.

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    Sent you a pm

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    Default <Grandeur> of Galena


    4/4 DH 4/4 GP 4/5 GSB, raid group is nearly HK ready

    Level 10, almost 11.

    Progression nights are W/Th 5:00-9:30/10:00pm PST, with cleanup and farm on Sun/M same times

    You can contact myself or an officer ingame, find our recruitment thread in the Galena guardian guilds forums, or visit the website for more info
    Vizions - Dwarf Rogue - Seastone
    <Dawn of Terror>
    "The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his." - General George S. Patton

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    The "Guardians of Telara", Level 12 Guardian Guild on the Wolfsbane server,
    Are seeking active players with a strong sense of accomplishment and desire to build friendships within our guild that is more of a community in which to have fun together with.

    At present, we are ideally looking for the active members whom are ready to raid T1, or let us help them get geared for T1's so that we can progress into raiding aspect of Rift. All levels and classes are welcome and encouraged to join as you will not be a lower level for long once you join us as there is always someone on to help level with and do things together with. We accept and have quite a few members whom are just casual members that like us, as well.

    We hope to hear from you soon if you are interested in joining a great guild on our server, then send a tell or in game email to one of our leads, those leads are ; Sinsiter, Athara, Gizuth and myself - Jaykub


    Jaykub - Leader of the Guardians of Telara

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    Server: Deepstrike
    Faction: Guardian

    We are a mature guild seeking a few more raiders and pvp's to take on endgame task. We run multiple Raid/Crafting Rifts, farm T2's, form premade WFs and participate in world PvP/Invasions. We are seeking all class/spec and if you are geared or experienced, that is a plus. We help out all of our members and teach them the fights and geared quickly. We are more than willing to help anyone out to progress into a top DPS or how to manage a utility support role.

    Raid hours and Days: Pacific Zone

    DH: Wed (Grp #1 5pm / Grp #2 7pm) server
    GP: Fri (Grp #1 5pm / Grp #2 7pm) server
    Gsb/RoS: Sat/Sun 4pm server
    Hk: Thur/Mon 6pm server
    RoTP: Tues 6pm server

    4/4 DH 5/5 GSB
    4/4 GP 5/5 RoS
    3/11 HK 1/4 RotP

    Send me a tell in-game or pm me here. Saturnx - Frontliners (US) Deepstrike (G)

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