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Thread: DPS Rogue LF HK guild.

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    Default DPS Rogue LF HK guild.

    As to reiterate, I am looking for a HK guild (preferably 7/11+). Moreover, a guild that uses EQDKP (or something similar), does not carry people, nor have the time or patience to hold people's hands, does not idle in raid (this irks me to hell) and gets things done.

    - Generally, I can meet any raid time, so long as it is after 2 PM ST (5 PM EST).
    - With that being said, Mon-Sun, 2 ST+.
    - I play quite frequently, so you needn't worry that I will just sign on for raid, then log.

    MMO Experience:
    - WoW: Vanilla to Cata. I raided in a number of top guilds (Ropetown, Raw Talent, et cetera), cleared all instances pre-Cata (MC, BWL, Kara and so on and so forth) and put in more hours/effort than any one man should.
    - Rift: Whilst I have not been blessed with the best of guilds, I have made due. I was the Rogue class leader for my previous guild, was almost always top DPS, even with other classes getting buffed, am mechanically inclined (stand in the fire? Yeah, not me!) and I always come prepared.

    Additional Information:
    - I wear a mix of P7/8 and HK gear (I am a little short of 3 PC HK). I still do 2.5k on Murd, 3.5k on Sic, et cetera.
    - I have multiple SEs (one of which is all water).
    - Avid PVPer. I am P8, and have been for months.
    - I am also bit of an achievement *****.

    Feel free to send me a message! I'd be more than happy to jump in your Vent, or log onto your shard, so that we can talk.
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