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Thread: The Phoenix Guard! (Medium RP)

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    Default The Phoenix Guard! (Medium RP)

    You come across an island to the east of Port Scion, upon which you find a small house. A sign hangs above the door of the house. It sways in the sea wind, but there is a distinct emblem carved onto its face: a bright shimmering red and purple phoenix, with the fist of the Guardians below it. “The Phoenix Guard” is inscribed upon the door in gold ink. As you glance at the walls of the building, you notice large gold plaques, detailing the history of the Guard.

    “The Shade War was upon us. Zareph Mathos and his brother, Aedraxis Mathos, battled for the Mathosian throne. The bloody feud threw men into civil war. The dwarves were lost, their homeland destroyed by the vengeful spirits used to fuel their technology. The elves remained weakened, having never fully recovered from the painful victory that secured their homeland against the invading Blood Storm.

    The Dragonslayer Covenant, led by Orphiel Fairwind, discovered Aedraxis' ties to the Endless

    Court. Making a play for the crown, Aedraxis resorted to magic that fractured the ward protecting Telara. The Plane of Death fell over the world. The Shade destroyed most of Mathosia and broke Zareph’s armies.

    Many rallied to Zareph as he led the survivors to build Port Scion. Heroes of all races came and contributed to the strength of the city. We became the Scion Guard. We protected Telara from the invading denizens of the rifts and the traitor armies of Aedraxis.

    The population splintered. Those loyal to the Vigil remained, but the Defiant left Port Scion with their blasphemous technology. The loss of many heroes weakened the Scion Guard. We fought bravely to the end. But the dark forces of the rifts overcame us.

    The Scion Guard was dead.

    The gods saw our valor. By the hands of the holy messengers, we found new life in Sanctum.

    As Ascended, our focus remains the same. Protect those loyal to Telara and the Vigil. Stand as bold sentinels against the dragons and their cults. And crusade against the armies of Regulos.

    The Phoenix Guard was born.”

    A dwarf comes out of the house. His beard is long and grey, but his eyes show a passion rarely seen in those of the elders. “Me name be Zarukhad Goldseeker, Keeper of the Small House. Ah welcome ye tae our humble island. Do ye seek help from our Arch-Phoenix, Lesoir Elensar, or do ye seek tae join the Guard?”

    OOC: Hail friend, thank you for looking at the Phoenix Guard! We are a medium role-playing guild that has just moved to Faeblight! We were founded before head-start on Sunrest. We run different role-play events, many of which are open to non-guild role-players as well. We accept all levels and commitments (hardcore or casual) of players, but we do require that you role-play. We have many talented crafters and players who are happy to help fellow guild members with difficult dungeons or gear. All applicants must submit brief character biographies/applications (we have a template on our website). If you want to join, please look at our website: lightfallen.guildportal.com, contact an officer in game, or send me a PM over the forums. If you are a guild leader interested in running events or other things with us, please contact the guild leader, Lesoir, or myself. Thanks for reading!

    Recruitment Status: Open!

    Officer list:
    Lesoir (GL)
    Kathanious / Krohe
    --Shadefallen Server (Guardian)--
    --Guild Founder and officer of the Phoenix Guard--
    --Med/Heavy RP Guild--

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    Hey Zarukhad,

    Just heard from Kalla tonight that you guys moved to Faeblight. Great group of folks are The Phoenix Guard!!

    Arterus - The Guardians - Faeblight Server

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    Thank you Arterus. We have moved to the Faeblight server after a short stint on Shadefallen. It is definitely good to see some familiar faces as well as getting to know some new ones as well.

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