We are recent transplants from Shadefallen who have all gotten tired of being outnumbered rare mobs... While 15-16 manning GSB and RoS has been fun and challenging, we'd like to go ahead and move on to Hammerknell now, and as such we are recruiting like minded individuals (or small hive-minds), to fill out our numbers!

We are perfectly willing to gear people up, we shard nearly everything from GSB and the first half of RoS (or more recently give it to friendly PuGs - you cant pug GSB on Shadefallen... the presence of actual people on this server is still more than mildly unnerving for many of us).

In terms of philosophy we try to be serious when in a raid (or at least a progression raid), but we don't have any sort of attendance rules and our loot system is friendly to new people as well as people who cant make every raid. Specifically we use "Spend All DKP", with relics on loot council, meaning that for the most part you bid any and all DKP you might have for each piece of loot you want (25% once things go to offspec). The end result is a system that works a lot like Suicide Kings, but is much more flexible and doesn't actively reward non-attendance like SK does (it just doesn't punish it). If you are really curious about it the whole thing is outlined on our forums, but that's the gist of it.

On a personal note, we all are mildly insane in one way or another, so if you don't have a sense of humor you might not enjoy our company :P. As I said we try to keep things serious in raids, but it doesn't always work out that way... sheep will charge bosses, I will die in new and inventive ways, Neem may start rickrolling general chat in a C style language instead of pulling Herald, and Palana WILL be drunk. In other words, shenanigans!

If you're not actively looking for a guild right now, or just want to try before you buy, we are actively taking on a few pugs each raid night right now (Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5-8pm server time - Monday is sometimes a backup or informal 10man night). Feel free to let someone know you'd like to come and we'll get you in at the first opportunity.

Website: http://pulse-rift.enjin.com