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Thread: HK geared Mage and Rogue seeking HK raiding guild - PVP server

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    Default HK geared Mage and Rogue seeking HK raiding guild - PVP server

    We have 6/11 experience in HK, seeking a new guild that raids regularly. Prefer a PVP server. Please post here if you could use us, please include some information about your guild.

    We also require a 6pm raid start time (server time).
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    We're a touch behind your current progression level, but we'd certainly fit the rest of your requirements (minus the PVP server);

    Black Company <a level 17 guild> is recruiting!


    Age:30 (not a strict rule, consider it more of a guideline)
    Level: 50
    Class: Open. Tanks and exceptional others will be considered.
    Raid days: Thursday at 8:30EST Tuesday and Saturday at 9EST. 5/5 GSB, 5/5 ROS and 1/11 HK (2/4 in RotP). No minimum RA to attend, but a 35% RA to win/bid on loot (of course, you'd get loot on rot regardless of attendance). We use a modified DKP system known as EPGP. Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid time, and we go when we're full up. We DO cycle folks in off the bench.
    Gear:t2 gear+.
    Target DPS: (for the DPS classes) 900+ sustainable self buffed only on the target dummy. 1300+ if in t3 gear.

    We're looking for a few 20-man raiders (a tank, and a mage or two preferably, though exceptional players are always welcome), along with people that want to do 10 man raiding on the raid off nights (emphasis on Rise of the Phoenix).

    Black Company is for mature individuals that aren't going to bring drama. We have PVP'ers, hardcore raiders, pure casuals, and everything in between. We value personality and being a good person, over being a good player...but please don't apply if you can't create a macro, or figure out the difference between your arse and a hole in the ground.

    If you have any questions prior to application, find MrHyde or Myst in game, and please shoot either of us a tell. (by the way, don't apply if you're currently in your guild. It's simply bad form. Feel free to inquire while you're with another guild, but don't actually fill out the application.)

    The link to the application page is in my sig (simply click "apply to Black Company" on the left side of the main page). We look forward to meeting you!

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    Lemming (formerly Mrhyde@Belmont), Guild Leader of Black Company on Greybriar
    We are Black Company ~~~ See our recruitment thread!

    Raids Mon/Tue/Thur 5:30 server time, 9/9, 2/4, 1/3, 1/3

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