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Thread: Casual player looking for a new home

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    Default Casual player looking for a new home

    After raiding 12+ hours a week in a progression raiding guild, and never having enough time to enjoy the rest of Rift, I realized I needed a new home.

    I am looking for a guild that consistently has 20+ level 50s on during the evenings and weekends enjoying everything that Rift has to offer. I am more interested in a healthy community of active players then I am their raid progression. I prefer family friendly language in a relaxed atmosphere that values RL over game life.

    I am a fully geared T1 raid vendor tank & DPS rogue. I have a tank sigil for fire, water, life & earth (just need another epic lesser for my death resist sigil). I also have T1 raid dropped “chest/shoulders” with death, earth & fire runes (resist runes and sigils makes for an easier healing experience ). When I raid, I prefer to tank but can DPS from time to time as well. I understand that since I want to be casual, I may not get to tank anymore, but I figured I would at least ask

    I just started PvP (only P3 but you have to start somewhere I guess), but would love a guild that hosts pre-mades and PvP rifts. Coordinated PvP with friends all in vent working together would really make for a good time. It is really annoying when you make 1 silly mistake and get flamed by a 13 year old

    I enjoy a healthy balance of PvE/PvP dailies, WFs, rifts, zone events, dungeons, raids etc., but don't have the time commitment to run 3-4 raids a night and everything else required for a raiding guild (I can probably do 2 nights for 2-3hrs max). This most likely means I would be on Standby a lot unless your guild has a good rotation. I know I am limiting myself, because just about all guilds are either not raiding because they don’t have the people or raiding 3+ nights a week and want everyone to attend.

    1. When I raid would I be able to MT from time to time? Are you full on raid tanks?
    2. On average, how many people do you have logged in weekday evenings and weekends?
    3. Do you host PvP events (WFs, rifts, etc.)?
    4. Is your guild forming DRRs, instant adventures, T1s/T2s, MMs, etc. consistently on a weekly basis?
    5. Is vent active (not just raid nights) with family friendly language?

    I have a few others that would like to come with me if conditions are favorable
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    P4 & honored with Order of the Eye and still growing I switched from 44brd/22rs to 51mm/15sin. I feel more effective mowing down defiants with my relic bow then I do performing basic healing

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    Default <Grandeur> of Galena


    4/4 DH 4/4 GP 4/5 GSB, raid group is nearly HK ready

    Level 10, almost 11.

    Progression nights are W/Th 5:00-9:30/10:00pm PST, with cleanup and farm on Sun/M same times

    You can find our recruitment thread in the Galena guardian guilds forums, or visit the website for more info
    Vizions - Dwarf Rogue - Seastone
    <Dawn of Terror>
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