<Eclipse> - Who We Are
<Eclipse> is a 20-man raiding guild on the Wolfsbane shard. Since the formation of <Eclipse> our focus has been on maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere without sacrificing progression. We're looking for people who will not only bolster our raid ranks but become valuable and long-term members of our community.

<Eclipse> has officially cleared all T1 raid content! With our sights now targeted on Hammerknell we're looking for players to help us push endgame 20-man content. As such we're looking for team players willing to contribute to the guild's furthered success in progression. If you're a team player, willing to push yourself to put the most amount of effort forward and looking for a new home then <Eclipse> is interested in having you!

GSB: 5/5
RoS: 5/5
GP: 4/4
DH: 4/4
HK: 3/11

Raid Schedule:
20-man raids are held Monday through Thursday, 5pm to 8pm server time (PST). We commonly have 10-mans and other events occuring on our off days.

Recruitment Needs:
<Eclipse> is actively recruiting the following classes and roles:


<Eclipse> currently has a full raid team. However we're always interested in EXCEPTIONAL players to push our raid team further.

Talk to us!
If you're interested in joining <Eclipse> or you have any questions please give us a holler! You can find our web site at http://eclipseteam.enjin.com. Or you may contact an officer in game (Zada, Lildain, Kathvon and Muri). Just ask any <Eclipse> member if there's an officer online should you not see one.