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Thread: 5/11 HK mage LFGuild

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    Default 5/11 HK mage LFGuild

    I'm 5/11 HK with lots of experience as mage tank for Rune King, but haven't beaten it. I'm skilled in all DPS and healing specs. I have very little experience as archon (and even less interest) but I'm willing to play it occasionally. I'm also 5/5 GSB, 5/5 ROS, 4/4 GP, and 4/4 DH. I haven't beaten anything in RoTP.

    I'm on the Eastern coast of the states, but I can raid mornings or evenings most days (my work schedule is odd, but consistent).

    I'm leaving my current guild because it decided to stop raiding.

    I have Vent, Mumble, and a working microphone.

    Feel free to PM me or talk to me in game.

    - Mackori

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    <No Remorse> @Dayblind may be interested in learning more about you. Currently 10/11 HK and in need of a core mage.

    Pop by our site to see if we fit into your schedule.
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    Hey man we have a spot for 1 more mage who can preform. This is an actual raid spot, not a bench spot. Our mages take quite a bit of pride in themselves, and are known for being a tight knit group, as well as comparing specs, rotations, and gear both on the pts and live servers. If you would like to be apart of this please apply on the website, or message me, Thuug, on Gnarlwood.

    <Negative Ghostrider> on Gnarlwood(PvE) is looking for dedicated raiders for Hammerknell progression.

    http://negativeghostrider.org <---Fill out App here

    Currently we are, 4/4 RoTP 10/11 HK, 5/5 RoS(Conqueror), 5/5 GSB(Conqueror).

    Current raid times are Monday-Thursday 6-9PM PST Invites start going out at 5:30.
    We expect you to be ready to raid with your soul at 100%, 3 Charge's, Consumable's and Stone's.
    Off night's we run GSB/RoS alt/sell runs.

    We are currently Recruiting:

    Mage's - 2 Mages able to play 2/3 Chloro/Archon/DPS

    Cleric's - Exceptional players only

    Warrior's - Exceptional players only

    Rogue's - 1 Exceptional DPS

    Any and all app's will be considered and looked at Geared or not, skill is what matter's.

    We have prided ourselves in being a fun and fairly outgoing guild of a core group of people who have played together for quite a while and are looking for a select few to fill our ranks.

    Please Fill out our App fully and and truthfully for any Question's or Concern's about the guild Contact Dunsparrow, Nefx, Thuug or Iredsi.

    We will also consider package style deals of up to 2 people and possibly more, we understand couple's and family's play Together and want to continue doing so.

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    Check your PM. Cheers.
    Retired from raiding

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    If you'd like to pick up where you left off on progression, Liquidus is 5/11 and could use a skilled mage tank. We have 2 raid groups who are 5/11, please see our site for info on raid times and apply there if you are interested. http://liquidus.guildlaunch.com
    Liquidus - Keenblade - http://liquidus.guildlaunch.com

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    sent you a PM

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    Let me know if you're interested.
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