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Thread: Oblivion Recruiting for HK 1/11

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    Default Oblivion Recruiting for HK 1/11


    Oblivion is a PVE progression guild on Silkweb. We are looking for any and all classes whom are ready to step foot into HK for the first time and to be apart of our friendly gaming community. We have about 19 to 24 members online every raid night and sometimes need to rotate members in and out, and if you're new, then most raiders do not mind sitting out for new members to enjoy the raiding scene. We consistently raid 5 nights a week and we consider ourselves between casual and progression raiders as we have a mix of both and are looking for like minded team players.

    General Information:
    Website: http://Oblivious.ws
    Raid Hours: 8PM EST - 11PM EST, Sunday - Thursday (weekends left open)
    Loot method: Modified DKP

    Attendance: 60%+
    Gear: 250+ Hit/Focus, 150+ toughness
    Communication: Vent. is required, Mic is recommended but not required

    GSB/ROS: Cleared
    GP/DH: Cleared
    Hammerknell Fortress: 1/11
    Rise of the Phoenix: 0/4

    Currently Recruiting:
    Cleric: High
    Mage: High
    Rogue: High
    Warrior: High

    If you would like to apply please visit our website. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Brutall, Moordeeb, or Szordrin in game, or you can send me a PM. Please do so before or after raids for optimal response time.
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