Hello everyone,
We are a small guild trying to grow into full guild 20 man raids we have been raiding 10 mans thur and sat 1:30am server time till 4-5am server time, however most of our players days / times are pretty flexable from 1:30am st onwards.

Currently we have DH / GP on farm and have done 4/5 in GSB with the help of some well valued Pugs on our server but we seem to be lacking in the consistent numbers to further progress.

We are a Rowdy bunch of people who like kick back with a few coldies and have a laugh we have vent and a webby altho be warned nothing is offlimits in vent untill it goes too far If this matches you or you want to have a chat message myself in game on either Aillaure or Hellpuppy or you can visit our webpage @ http://wired-rift.enjin.com/home

Thanks for your time Happy Hunting