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Thread: [Aegis] of Threesprings 10/11 HK Recruiting Cleric

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    Default [Aegis] of Threesprings 10/11 HK Recruiting Cleric

    [Aegis] of Threesprings Guardian 10/11 HK Recruiting Cleric

    We are seeking an additional cleric to join the ranks of our main raiding team, cleric tank preferred but not required.

    HK minimum stats required, Akylios stats preferred (401 focus/120+ water resist)

    Gear is less important than your ability to do competitive healing and/or dps (with other clerics, MoA please Trion) while staying alive during raids.

    HK Raid times are 6-9pm Server Time Mon/Tues/Thurs

    Contact Gumbercules, Vos, Dagnasty or Deelron on Threesprings for more info or

    Visit us at aegis-threesprings.enjin.com to apply
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