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Thread: <Turmoil> Looking for a new shard to call home

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    Default <Turmoil> Looking for a new shard to call home

    We are a small casual raiding guild looking for a new shard with a larger population. Our current shard is Atrophinous and it is dieing day by day. There is little to no activity on it, so it is hard to do anything when nothing is going on like a raid rift, pvp rift, world pvp, T2's or MM DD. We do some raiding 10 man really only right now due to our current size. So any suggestions on a new shard to call home would be highly appreciated thank you.

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    Default Faeblight fun

    Come on over to faeblight. We dont have much world pvp but our level 17 guild is looking to start a new 20man group to progress through HK and into the Pheonix. Please contact me at Jepps of Faeblight, Gaiscioch.

    Happy hunting

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    Van where did you guys end up?

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