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Thread: PVP servers - where to go as defiant - final push to P8 in world PVP

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    Default PVP servers - where to go as defiant - final push to P8 in world PVP

    Hey everyone,

    I am a p6 *defiant* rogue, this warfront weekend I plan to grind hard to p7 - or as close as I can get. When weekend ends I wish to transfer to a PVP server that will be very active and I can do world PVP up to rank 8.

    I have a few questions,

    1) Which server is recommended for this? Must be active almost around the clock, with frequent world PVP and I'd like skilled players I can learn a thing or two from, and maybe some people to have fun with.

    2) Is world PVP a faster prestige gain than warfronts, answer for both with and without warfront weekend.

    3) I have one extra thing I want - the undertow achievement from drowned halls. If you are on an active PVP server and have a guild that can do this, and will give me a spot - you will not have to carry me I can pull my weight in any raid - I will pay 100plat if that sounds fair.

    4) I have heard good things about dayblind, confirm, deny?

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    I don't know about Dayblind, but Sunrest is an active server at all hours I have found. A few good defiant guilds there are : <Tempest Wolves>, <Amazonia>, and <Unrepentant>.

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