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Thread: HK Rogue LF guild

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    Default HK Rogue LF guild

    Im currently looking for a new HK progression guild that can meet my availability times.

    Looking to raid 3 times a week at around 6(pst).
    Due to some changes in my play time i am having to cut it down a bit.

    My experience in game is {GSB-5/5} {ROS-5/5}(pre nerf to bosses) {GP-4/4}(pre nerf) {DH-4/4} {HK-1/10}(pre nerf'd murdantix and matron) Haven't been able to progress due to guild issues.

    Specs- Rogue DPS {325 hit (no hit enchants all gear)} {t3 armor} {Raid weapons} [1600-17xx DPS on murdantix raid buffed] Can bard but prefer DPS.

    What I can bring to the table - Stable raid attend.- Raid awareness- Knowledge of my class and specs- Able to take constructive Criticism-

    I do believe Rift is just a game and i do have a life.

    If interested please respond or send me vent/mumble info. Thank You for taking the time

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    <Play Nice> on Estrael (we do not RP)

    6/11 in HK

    we raid 4x/week, but 3hrs only a pop (12hrs/week)

    7-10 PST Sun, Tue, Wed, Thurs

    EPGP loot system

    we need rogue dps and would love to hear from you


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