Recently my old guild broke up. The leader and the coleader took off with the bank and items. Not mentioning any names, or shards. But, I have cleared 5/5 GSB 3/4 GP 4/4 DH and I have some experience in ROS. Im Geared for HKF with 4/6 Vendor Tanking gear and 2 dropped pieces. My tanking set im 15k+ self buffed HP full Life resist. My DPS set is all drop gear and Im good on hit cap for R2. My bard is also geared with full bard engine and eth heirloom ^^.

I recently transferred to a shard and I answered from a forum post over a week ago and there are 50+ members and only 1 raid group / 2 10 man groups going and the 2nd 10man barely gets 3/4 in both DH / GP. I joined under the notion that they needed a good rogue for raiding but they have way too many players wanting to raid and not geared...ect and its a mess. I just joined under the impression as I was told...I would be in every raid and Ive only been in 1 in 2 weeks.

Im very motivated even though im well geared and I have a lot of knowledge of all the fights. I am looking for a guild that would love to have me as a raid member not a stand by or a rogue tank that will one shot hylas / LGS only and I miss my other marks from GP/DH/ROS. Im here to raid and if anyone can use my skills I would love to join your guild.

Thank you for reading and please contact me asap as my world transfer is ready for me to come over after an evaluation of your guild. Thanks >