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Thread: @@@ Potential Hardcore PVP Guild/s Battle Group Merge Idea-LOOK HERE! @@@

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    Default @@@ Potential Hardcore PVP Guild/s Battle Group Merge Idea-LOOK HERE! @@@

    <Banished> Is now ready for war. We understand that some of you Defiant and Guardian guilds have found a home. With no disrespect to the decisions you have made to move to the current shard you are on at this time, and with no disrespect to the guilds that want to stay on your current shard we offer this...

    We are attempting to create a battle group made soley for Open PvP and quick Warfront ques. This is going to take a lot of work. Work that <Banished> is not afraid to do to strengthen the community for us hardcore PvP'ers. In the next week we will be posting this same thread on EVERY PvP shard (25 Shards). We are asking all Guardian and Defiant guilds interested to consolidate onto one battle group.

    So here's the plan and our epic quest. Any guild interested in Open PvP and consistently fast Warfront Ques-- move to the Dayblind battle group. This battle group contains the following...

    -Dayblind (PvP)
    -Deepstrike (PvP)
    -Deepwood (PvE)
    -Graybriar (PvE)
    -Shatterbone (PvE)
    -Keenblade (PvE)

    ***So with this list we can see our options as PvP'ers are between two shards--Dayblind and Deepstrike. We suggest that all Hardcore active PVP Defiant and Guardian guilds move to one of these shards. Post here if you are interested in moving to one of these two PvP shards. <Banished> will be choosing Dayblind where there is already a few skilled Guardian PVP guilds. They are <COLD>, <Affinity>, and <Aurora Australis>. We require more like-minded guilds to have our PvP fantasy come true. If we could have 5-6 true PvP guilds on both sides, we would never complain about not having consistent World PvP or quick Warfront ques. So far <Banished> has about 55 PvP members all of which most are rank 8 geared/skilled. If your guild is similar in rank and members PLEASE consider moving to these two shards.

    TRION is certainly not helping us consolidate the PvP shards or move the PvP'ers onto 1 to 2 shards-- so we must do it ourselves! This requires organizing mass transfers, and I already spoke to a GM about it. If you cannot transfer you can submit a ticket and link this post as proof that we will not tolerate waiting forever for Warfronts or not having the Open PvP that we desire so deeply!

    If interested or have any questions I can be reached on my current shard, Faemist. Contact Saltyclams, Ceb, or Bloodlessdeath for more info!! Thanks for reading this Wall-o-Text and we look forward to this amazing opportunity!
    Saltyclams 50 Cleric--Faemist
    Saltymussels 50 Rogue--Faemist
    Saltyoysters 30 Warrior--Faemist

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    This is an idea I am behind. I believe Trion to be... lacking in their games PvP field; however we as a community can keep PvP alive (even after R8), and perhaps even move Trion to place more focus on Rift PvP aspects.

    Resistance is a defiant guild that has made a name for herself on the Deepstrike server and we have recently gone through a reform. We have decided to transition from a PvE/PvP guild to an exclusive PvP guild.
    We are currently seeking members beyond just our core team.

    The recent post by Seether and the procedure agreed upon by remaining members is as follows...

    "As many on Deepstrike are likely aware, the PvE portion of Resistance has decided to dissolve. Some members have moved to other servers, while some are going to be playing SW:TOR or other games. However, the PvP members of Resistance are going to continue on with the guild name and will continue operating with the goals of being respected, top caliber PvPers.

    With the departure of many of our raiders, many of whom PvPed frequently as well, our numbers are a bit shorter than we would like.

    Our requirements are as follows:
    Team player who is willing to play specs as required for different situations by leadership.
    18yrs or older
    Non **** talker (or willing to be under strict reform)
    In depth knowledge of your callings specs as well as common warfront specs. Recruits will be added for a trial period, the length which is determined by how much of a chance PvP officers have to evaluate your performance.

    Formerdpscleric and Malzen are in charge of recruitment so speak to them in game or send them an in game mail for more information. "



    So if you play everyday or only occasionally, if you are only looking for a placeholder, simply put if you enjoy PvP; regardless of your situation or clause don't hesitate to contact Malzen in-game or through in-game mail.

    For the first time in the guilds history, Resistance is open house
    Malzen @ Deepstrike <Resistance> (Acting GM) / Defiant - R8 Mage
    Mallupine @ Deepstrike <Resistance> / Defiant - R7 Warrior
    Malsomatic @ Dayblind <Realm Guardians> / Defiant - R2 Rogue (Gathering & Artifact Farmer)

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    IF you do not get the guardians on board first you are just going to load a server with defiant guilds and the que times will be 1 hr long lol. get the guardians om board as your first mission to accomplish your goal. if you amass them onto a server the defiants will follow you. as for trion merging all the pvp servers together they cannot, Simply due to the amount of pve guilds on the pvp servers =*(.
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