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Thread: LF Defiant PvE guild

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    Default LF Defiant PvE guild

    I am coming back from a 4 month break and I'm looking for a guild to join that is currently raiding stuff like greenscale and river of souls. I have no upgrades available to me in T2s or Raid Rifts, but since I never did those zones, I am not ready to do Hammerknell from what I've heard.

    I am a mature adult with a full-time job. I have extensive hardcore raiding experience and skills in older mmos such as EQ2 and WoW. I am specifically looking to raid on weeknights Tuesday - Friday no later than 10 p.m. EST. I am not looking to join a minimum/required attendance situation. Also, I am only looking to play until SWTOR is released, in case that matters.

    Main: Ukai (rogue) specializing in dps with full bard and tank spec
    Alt 1: Corynna (warrior) small group and raid tanking. still has gear she could use in T2s
    Alt 2: Jaeda (cleric) lvl 40, leveling currently.

    My characters are currently on Greybriar and I am willing to transfer wherever if the guild fits! Please reply here or pm me on this forum.


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    Hey Ukai,

    Check Dominion out on Shadefallen

    We are currently 3/4 on DH, GP 10 mans and we're looking for a few more to try to do GSB with a full 20 , we currently have 17-18 and have taken the first two bosses

    - We have an active guild
    - EST guild
    - Raid tues, thurs 9pm est
    - no requirements for attendance
    - We have vent, active website
    -Mature guild , avg real life age is in the 30's

    And I'm heading to SWTOR when it comes out too, "Han shot first "
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    Dominion on shadefallen - check us out here - http://mmo-dominion.guildlaunch.com/...7349&t=6431245

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