50 Cleric, have t1 raids cleared, currently 4/11 HK. I seek further progression in HK

Role 1 - Inquisicar
Role 2 - Sent/Ward
Role 3 - 51 Shaman
Role 4 - 51 Puri
Role 5 - Tanking

I am looking for a guild that raids 4:30est-11:30est mon-sun. Anywhere in that timezone will be best for me. I have 100% raid attendance, i perform to the best of my ability. I stay updated with whats going on with my class 24/7 (always on the fourms) I am looking for a guild that has atleast cleared GSB and RoS. If you think your guild is a good fit for me, please post on this thread or PM me

I also have been working on a warrior (tank) specifically, who is t1 raid geared, coming close to being HK ready. If anyone out there seeks out a solid tank for t1 raid progression, please feel free to post here

Thanks for reading,