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<Mecenaries for Hire> is currently recruiting all roles!

Class Leader and raid leader positions open as of 9/21/11

We are primarily a PvE guild, but we do PvP a little. We are an adult based EST guild who enjoy having fun and clearing content.

Our current raid schedule:

Raid Rifts - Mon, Weds, Fri - 5PM - 7PM servertime (8PM-10PM EST)

10-Man Raids - Tues, Thurs - 5PM - 7PM servertime (8PM-10PM EST) (Converting to 20-mans in the next few weeks)

Sunday Night CleanUp Raid - 5PM-7PM servertime (8PM-10PM EST)

To raid with us you must have vent.

Anyone is welcome to join us on the days we do raid rifts, if you wish to meet our people. We do recruit lower level players, as long as they understand, we cannot be of much help until they hit 50, as we are currently gearing a new batch of 50's. We accept Social Members aswell if some people just like to hang out and chat.

Our goal is to provide a casual/semi-casual atmosphere, for raiding, gearing members and PvP.

If you have any specific questions you may contact us in game, our officers are Aluray, Sandmann and Varco.

Our guild Website is