We have started a new guild to explore end game content, we have a website that is up and running now and we have a vent that should be going by tomorrow. We also have one bank tab already and are working quickly to get more.

we are looking for any level 50's who want to start end game content and as soon as we can start raiding.

Because we are just starting out people who want to try leading raids or groups will be strongly considered to be part our first officer core.

I myself come from a strong background of MMORPG raiding and would like to get that going in rift.

Anyone interested in joining let me know and I will get you an invite in game.

Also as a policy anyone who is friends of people already in the guild will also get an invite even if they are not level 50 yet but be put at a non raider status (backup raider) untill they request to be a raider and are accepted. we do this to try to be the best of both worlds, play with your friends who aren't serious riaders but they wont bump people who are serious raiders out of raiding slots.

If you have any questions let me know here, in game, or in our forums at www.painforglory.com

Thanks for your interest.