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Thread: <Take Two> Greenscale PvE - 5/11 HK

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    Default <Take Two> Greenscale PvE - 5/11 HK

    Guild Name: Take Two
    Faction: Defiant
    Server: Greenscale, PvE
    Website: taketwo.enjin.com
    Raiding Schedule: M, T, W, Th 5pm 9pm PST
    Progress: 9/9 T1, 5/11 T2

    All Raid spots are Competitive!

    What our guild can offer:
    A relaxed and fun raiding environment.
    Players who are interested in the whole vs. the self.
    Groups for PvP, Crafting Rifts, Invasions, Raid Rifts, and Dungeons.
    A diverse group of players to engage in activities with.
    An Open Door policy between the Officers and Members regarding guild matters.

    Ideal candidates:
    Are mature and respectful.
    Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it.
    Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that is not a liability to other raiders.
    Are skilled players with knowledge in the class they play, and the motivation to adapt and continually improve their performance.
    Have the ability to take constructive criticism.
    Are open to suggestions regarding their spec or suggestions as to how to improve their performance.
    Have an excellent attitude and a positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild.

    If Take Two sounds like the guild for you, please contact Blott, Karilynn, Takki, Tofs or Webejammin in game for more information. You may also visit our website @ http://taketwo.enjin.com .

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    need mages!

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