Harmless is a defiant guild on Sunrest, currently progressing through HK, the lead defiant guild. We're a smaller guild and would like to improve our roster and make a much stronger core. On average, we've been pushing a new boss down every 1-2 weeks. We are looking for raiders who want to start, come prepared, focus, bring consumables and maximize their raid contribution. If you like to raid and you go Liu Kang on mofos with your dps or healing, come check us out. We're pretty chill, but when we raid it's all business. Our server is heavy PvP and don't mind the RP tag on the server, no one does that.

We raid:

Monday 6 Server GSB/RoS
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 -9/10 Server HK

Our website: http://harmlessallday.enjin.com

You can register or make contact with Ursa, Female, Nnnxia, Ishtara, Otamarai, Simber or Jayblood on Sunrest.

-Ursa aka Hermes