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Thread: <Redemption> 4/11 in HK PST Evening Raid Guild Looking for 2 MAGES

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    Default <Redemption> 4/11 in HK PST Evening Raid Guild Looking for 2 MAGES

    An Overview of Us:
    We are a Guardian guild on Wolfsbane, one of the most active and populated servers in all of Rift. We have been around since Rift went live and bring a dedicated and experienced raiding core every night with a laid back atmosphere. When we're not raiding, and on off nights, we will run 10 mans and also have a number of members that get together for PvP. We already have some PvP Rank 8 members.

    We're currently 4/11 in Hammerknell with the following bosses on farm:
    -Soulrender Zilas
    -Matron Zamira
    -Vladmal Prime
    -We have The Conqueror: River of Souls Title

    We are looking 2 Mages that can Cholor and DPS , raid geared and ready for Hammerknell. Please have the proper amount of hit or focus for the instance or do not apply.

    We are looking for:
    2 DPS/CHLORO Mages

    Raid Information – Days &Times:
    Sunday: 9-12 PM – Pacific Standard Time/Server Time
    Tuesday:9-12 PM – Pacific Standard Time/Server Time
    Wednesday: 9-12 PM – Pacific Standard Time/Server Time

    These openings are for full-time raid spots in Hammerknell.

    We expect our players to put 110% effort into both raid preparation and execution, including being the appropriate spec, having enchants, bringing consumables, etc. Moreover, we expect quality play out of each and every member during raids, which includes being situationally aware, putting forth maximum effort, and maintaining a good attitude throughout.

    All members must be online BEFORE invites go out and be ready to go immediately at raid start. Moreover, we take raid attendance seriously due to the short amount of time we dedicate to raids. As such, to be a main raider, you must maintain reasonably high attendance. That said, we understand that life happens; thus, we ask that if you must miss a raid that you let us know beforehand so that we may make reasonable accommodations in your absence.

    Loot System:
    We use an OPEN BID DKP system with current DKP standings posted on our website. When an item drops people bid on the item openly in guild chat. This lets the item's value determine it's worth and means new members could see themselves with more DKP then longtime members when a desirable item drops and someone spends all their DKP on it.

    To Apply to Redemption:
    Please visit our website and fill out our online application by clicking Apply to Guild:


    If you have any questions regarding our guild, feel free to contact one of our officers in-game:

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    Still taking Mage applications full time HK raid openings.
    Contact us on our site or in game for further information.


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    5/11 for HK (killed Sicaron).

    Still looking to fill 1 Mage spot!

    Apply on site or contact us in game if interested.

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    lol transfers to wolfsbane are closed

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