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Thread: Telara needs you!

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    Default Telara needs you!

    The Telaran Sentry
    ((A Faeblight Defiant Guild))

    “We are those who defend Telara, no matter the cost.”

    We, the Ascended, created by Sylver Vaelis, sent back from a hopeless future to change the past, are the only ones of this time who fully understand the threat the of the dragons and their followers. We have seen what will happen.

    We have been charged with the incredible and difficult mission to change that future. I call out to those who have made this mission their second life's calling. Hear me if you have been deeply affected by the events of the future that you witnessed with your own eyes. Telara needs us! We cannot sit by and wait for someone else to push back the invasions. We cannot focus on the trivial matters of mortal life while the dragons and their ilk creep closer to our homes.

    Come with us now! Let us bring the fight to them! Let us show the forces of the Planes that they will not be able to enter this realm without meeting fierce opposition.


    The Telaran Sentry is an RP encouraged (but not required) guild with in-character guildchat and an OOC chat channel.

    The Rules as they are now; (subject to change)

    1) RP is strongly encouraged but not required. No major, serious scripted story arcs will be created by guild management, though minor silly ones might be.

    2) Guildchat is in-character and set within the “guildhall” in which characters can interact even if the toon is physically somewhere else for /OOC reasons. For those whose characters are away from the guild, communication devices linking them to the guildhall and other guild members are in play.

    3) Goals of the guild will be;
    a) Defend Telara against invasion from the planes.

    b) Help peers to obtain personal goals that will increase their strength and ability to defend Telara. (such as levels, planarite gathering, faction grinding, favor, prestige ranks, dungeon runs, quest completions)

    c) Enjoy each others company and experience the world as our characters would.
    4) Drama Queens (or Mary Sues) are not tolerated and will be killed in RP, deguilded, and ignored. Warnings will be given prior to official branding as a Drama Queen to give the player a chance to correct this behavior and/or defend their actions.

    5) ERP is don't ask don't tell. What you do in your private time and /tells is up to you. Public displays of ERP will have participants branded as Drama Queens (see rule 4).

    6) Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons are agents and spies of the dragons and are not welcome within the Sentry.

    7) ~<Space for a new rule to be added if necessary>~

    Please contact me here or any member of management in game.

    Management list;

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    Guildhall Setting-

    Double doors open into a wide foyer. All three defiant races are represented in the building's architectural design. Straight ahead is a wide doorway leading to the greatroom where several couches, tables, and a fireplace can be seen. On either side of the greatroom are stairs leading upward toward the sleeping quarters. To the left of the foyer is the kitchen and to the right are the bathing areas with separate rooms for male and female bathers. A door in the greatroom leads out back to the garden where several fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits grow alongside decorative and shade-giving plant life.

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    Ascended! Telara needs you! You have seen the future. You know what will happen if we fail our mission.
    We must undo the damage caused by the son of Mathos!

    Join The Telaran Sentry and save Telara from evil!

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