<Ascending Darkness> is currently recruiting on Galena.
5/5 GSB
5/5 RoS
4/4 GP
4/4 DH
3/10 HK

- Very active group in PvP WFs
- Very friendly atmosphere

Current Raiding Schedule
Tuesday - 4:45pm(7:45pmEST)-9pm(12amEST)
Wednesday - 4:45pm(7:45pmEST)-9pm(12amEST)
Thursday - 4:45pm(7:45pmEST)-9pm(12amEST)

High demand

We're always open to recruit exceptional players no matter the demand

Maintain a 80% attendance
Be able to perform at high levels in a raid environment
Be able to come to every raid with consumables (Weaponstones, Whetstones, Heroic vial, etc)
Be willing to min/max your gear
Be able to take constructive criticism
Be knowledgeable with your class' top specs, macros/rotations
Meet the 320 hit/focus requirement for HK or very close to it

Loot distribution is done through a DKP system

To inquire more you can contact one of our Officers on Galena
Iwasawa-Cleric Officer
Csb-Warrior/Rogue Officer
Insirion-Mage Officer

We're looking for interesting applications. Take the time to enjoy the application process and reveal some insight to who you are as well as what you play. Hope to hear from you soon

Apply here!