Do you enjoy raiding, but don't have a lot of time to spend on it? Worried that you'll end up in a guild with 19 raging pre-teens who just learned a new bad word?

We might be the right guild for you! We're the Catari Honour Guard, part of the Machiavellis Cat Gaming Community. Many of us have played together through WoW, LotRO, and now RIFT over the past six years. We are currently looking for mature but fun players for casualcore raiding.

Catari Honour Guard raid three hours a week, Sundays at 8-11pm EST. We are running 10-mans, and are currently working on the last boss in Drowned Halls. Ideally we would like to add a second raid night soon, but never more than that, and all raids are totally optional.

We value our time, so we believe in being prepared, organized, and on-time. It's not all raiding, though! The Catari Honour Guard also have crafting addicts, alt herders, and dungeon fans. We band together to do group quests, invasions, and epic and crafting rifts. I like to PvP, and I'm even convincing others to my ways.

** About Machiavellis Cat Gaming Community **

After five years doing casualcore raiding in WoW, we decided it was time to play more games. Play.. ALL the games! Along with RIFT we also have active branches in Lord of the Rings Online and WoW (level 25 guild) as well as plans for SW:TOR, an official Minecraft multiplayer survival server, a busy Steam group, a Mumble voice server, and an IRC channel. Our forums are where we talk about games, technology, and anything else that comes up.

The Cats have been around since 2005. We are generally a bunch of older nerd types with jobs and families and whatnot. We value cleverness, bad puns, and knowing that "ur" is an Ancient Mesopotamian city and not a word. The Cats curse and sass, but don't engage in "-ist" language. We meet once a year in real life, and have a number of female gamers in the community.

** You have my attention. Now what? **

Think we might be right for your casualcore RIFT needs? Come say hi on our site: