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Thread: <Para Bellum> is recruiting!

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    Default <Para Bellum> is recruiting!

    A newly formed guild, Para Bellum, is looking for more raid members to help fill out our 20 man raids. We are an established core of roughly 10 members, looking to pick up a few more dedicated raiders.

    At this given point, we are in need of an OT, one more healer, and roughly 8 solid DPS. We raid Sunday through Tuesday at 7pm-10pm server time. These nights are referred to as our 'Progression' nights, and are required by all 'Raider' status members. Wednesday and Thursday are dedicated to our 'farm content' 'alt night' activities. These start at whenever we get the numbers and are not required by anyone, just a time to farm old content (GSB, RoS, 10 mans, Crafting Rifts).

    Our guild is not only ran by a single person or two, as that never works out. Our ranking system is as follows:

    Guild Leader
    Raid Leader
    Recruitment Leader

    Warrior Officer
    Rogue Officer
    Mage Officer
    Cleric Officer

    Senior Raider


    This is just a quick run down of the guild, and what our expectations are. We are very well organized and demand consistent/reliable raiders. If all of this is appealing to you or you just have a question or two... simply send me a PM or message in game. I'm working on a site, but it isn't quite ready at this given point.

    Thanks again,

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