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Thread: Incarnate is recruiting casual raiders

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    Default Incarnate is recruiting casual raiders

    Incarnate is a casual raiding guild that regularly raids on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 6pm server time. We are recruiting raiders who want to complete the ten man content and move on to GSB and RoS.

    We have DH on farm mode and would like to bring a few more members into the guild to begin regular 20 man raiding. We've downed 4/5 in GSB but don't always have enough on at once to raid GSB every week.

    If you want to start getting some raid gear, or are geared and ready to come help down Greenscale send me a message or reply to the thread. You can also contact Neit, Shadii or ask a member for an officer in-game.

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    Are yall still looking for members? Your raid times are perfect for me and would like to know if I switch servers to join your guild would I have a spot in your raid group or put on reserve? I will not be able to raid on mondays, thursdays, & fridays. If you are planning to switch raiding to one of those nights please let me know now. thank you for your reply.


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