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Thread: <Vindicated> recruiting HK ready players.

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    Default <Vindicated> recruiting HK ready players.

    <Vindicated> is pushing to get back into HK. We are currently 4/10 HK but doing well on Sicaron. We have members who know the fights by heart for bosses 1-6 and members who have downed bosses 1-5. We are currently looking for 1 HK ready cleric/warrior tank and 2 HK ready mages. Contact me (Greywulf) by in-game mail or visit our website: http://riftvindicated.guildlaunch.com/. We do GSB/RoS weekly and have friendly dkp policies for new recruits. Acheivements showing you have raiding experience will help with your application, especially HK kill acheivements.
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