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Thread: several raiders looking for more or home

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    Default several raiders looking for more or home

    i have around 8-12 members who need a new home, the number varies depending on the situation of the guild we are getting into. we all have experience in RoS and GSB, 5/5, 2/4. our guild has fallen apart due to people quitting the game and attendance starting to slip in several members. the people i have left are still good strong raiders who are either already at the base of HK requirements or are not far off, unfortunately we can not clear content with out half a 20 man.

    i have a decked out cleric and a well off warrior tank, then assorted DPS/healers/support.

    we are looking for a possible merger of kinds in order to keep our group of friends together, if there is a guild out there looking to join up with another guild to boost the numbers of both sides please give a post or a PM,

    currently on sunrest, willing to move.

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    Check out The Enclave, we could use a few more to get a full 20-man going regularly in the evenings server time.
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    Hey, I represent Unsung Heroes of Faeblight.
    We're working to try to be up to 20 mans. We've got quite a few members, just need enough of a nudge past 20 to have a solid reliable team (minus those who can't make it due to rl)

    We got various experience ranges but we're attempting a GSB run this Friday so we're not near HK ready. However, if your interested in talking more. I'd be happy to talk with you.

    To give you a bit more info about us:

    I'd be happy to discuss, answer any questions or concerns. We got a lot of wonderful people.

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    Default Need a home??

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