Exceptional MMO gamer looking for a mature PVP/PVE hardcore guild
Hello there,

Lets start with my application.
My name is Daniel, Im 30 y/o, Semi Pro gamer.

I Leveled up a Defiant warrior and Guardian Cleric within the first week of rift opening, I found the game being new was quite bare of solid,stable guilds. I left Rift waiting for the time when guilds became more stable.Now im back and looking to seriously devote my time into the PVP and PVE section of RIFT.

Past Feats on different games.

Reached Level 50 in Halo 2 Ranked Teamgames. (Arbitor)
Reached General in Halo 3 Ranked Teamgames. (Ar8itor)
Acheived Many realm firsts in World of warcraft Guild (Premonition) Senjin (Inahks)
Acheived Gladiator Title Season 2 - 5 world of warcraft (Inahks)
Acheived Rank 3 in Diablo 2 East.
Many metas in COD

I am a Very fast learner, avid elitist with class mechanic crunching, A natural leader in Team situations, Do not shy away at pressure and constructive critisism. Mature at all times, do not aggro in tuff situations.

I am happy to chat on Skype, ventrilo with any guild offering a position of interest.
I am happy to display spread sheets on HPS,DPS,TPS statistics if needed to show my skill level.

They are my Pro's....... Now my Cons.

Gearing a char is not hard. i find gaining an exceptional player is the hard part.
I can say i have not done all of the HK's ....So i will be a little green there. But i only need one pull to gather the ins and outs. As i always read up and watch encounter scenes of every fight.

Anyway i shall not keep harping on. The times i can attend for Raids/Warfronts are 6pm -11pm (PST) 9am - 2pm (EST) not taking in DLS times. remove 1 hour for this.

I will transfer to any Shard.
Thanks for your time.