<Banished> Is now ready for war. We understand that some of you Defiant and Guardian guilds have found a home. With no disrespect to the decisions you have made to move on the current shard you are on at this time, and with no disrespect to the guilds that want to stay on your current shard we say this.

We are attempting to create a battlegroup made soley for Open PvP and Warfront ques. This is going to take a lot of work. Work that <Banished> is not afraid to do to better the community for us hardcore PvP'ers. In the next week we will be posting this same thread on EVERY PvP shard (25 Shards). We are asking Guardian guilds and Defiant guilds to consolidate onto one battlegroup.

So here the plan and our epic quest. Any guild interested in Open PvP and looking for doing Warfronts move to the Dayblind battlegroup. The battlegroup is the following:

-Dayblind (PvP)
-Deepstrike (PvP)
- Deepwood (PvE)
-Graybriar (PvE)
-Shatterbone (PvE)
-Keenblade (PvE)

So with this list we can see our options as PvP'ers are two shards. Dayblind and Deepstrike. We ask that for every one Defiant guild moves to one of these shards, One Guardian guild moves. Post here if you are interested in moving to one of these two PvP shards. <Banished> will be choosing Dayblind where there is already two to three Guardian guilds. They are <COLD>, <Affinity>, <Aurora Australis>. We need more however to have our Open PvP fantisy come true. If we could have 5-6 true PvP guilds on both sides, we would never complain about not having Open PvP or Warfront ques. So far <Banished> has about 55 PvP members all of which are rank 8 (not fully geared). If your guild is similar in rank and members PLEASE consider moving to these two shards. TRION is not helping us in consolidating the PvP shards or moving the PvP'ers to 1 to 2 shards, so we MUST do it ourselves. This requires organizing mass transfers, and I already spoke to a GM about it. If you cannot transfer you can submit a ticket and link this post as proof that we will not tolorate waiting forever for Warfronts nor not having the Open PvP that we crave.