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Thread: {Defiant Warrior} LF 4/11 HK guild or better

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    Default {Defiant Warrior} LF 4/11 HK guild or better

    My warriors name is Rambojoe i am from dayblind. I am a dps that is currently looking for a new home to raid with because my current guild seems to be falling apart and people are loseing intrest in the game it seems. We have made decent progression in the game and manged to kill 4 bosses while scrapeing the bottom of the barrel every night trying to fill the raids.

    My Gear: R8:chest,shoulders,legs,boots,belt, 1 ring, 2hd. T-1raid: durns helm,gloves, plut ring,neck, dh bow.
    Hammerknell gear: 2x Savage Beastcarver

    Specs: dw para, 51 rift, 2hd para , bm i can run all of these specs well just need a bit more hit to run 2hd specs without useing talents. Dps in all specs are above 2k.

    I am a very reliable player and read up on strats fairly often. I also keep track of forums daily and stay involved on the pts in my spare time. As far is raid time are concerned i can make mostly anything especially if its after 5pm est.

    Some more info about me ive been a solid gamer in various mmos. I have cleared most of the wow content up until the start of firelands (includeing heroic modes and pre nerfed bc bosss). I played guild wars and aion as well. I have also been in a fair share of raid leading positions even in rift thus far.
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    Spoke with you last night in game, opening invitation to you again to apply. :]

    3/4 FT - 4/4 TotDQ - 8/8 ID Conq - Deepwood

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    Default VIP is for you !!

    VIP is a hardcore guild on Silkweb , we are Level 13, We have been together for about 14 weeks and in that short amount of time we have accomplished 4/11 HK 9/9 with Conqueror: GSB/ROS, 4/4 GP,4/4 DH . We recently recruited a few rank 8 PVPers who are gonna get a PVP side of the guild started. We are also working on Sicaron @ this time. VIP is a fast progressing guild that has big plans for the future and we welcome all players with skill and potential no matter your gear situation ( as long as you are willing to improve it). our raid times are mon-thurs 6pm server to 10pm server, some nights on progression we may push a little later to down a boss.
    For more information contact Kapp (GM), Insanopewz (Officer), Enrick (Raid leader) in game, and remember at "VIP" u are a Very Important Person.
    Our guild Website is http://vip-guild.com feel free to visit and/or apply.

    We are looking for a warrior Dps ,Cleric support,healz,Rogue Sabo dancer, Mage dps
    Looking for serious people that want to raid ...
    Here is our vent info ...look for Kappa
    Boron.typefrag.com 63117 arbys
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    Play Nice(6/11) needs your DPS!

    Currently we have all of the T1 raid content on farm and are working our way through HK, 6/11 (Murd, Matron, Zilas, King, Estrode & Vlad) thus far. We are currently looking for non-clerics. We are, however, full on tanks.

    We're on a RP server but aren't in any way a RP guild, though we are respectful of the community. Our raid times are 7 PM PST (Server) - 10 PM PST T-TH & Su, and we do use Ventrilo. Most specific information can be found on our recruitment forum.

    We use EPGP loot system

    The ideal applicant will already be clad in T1 raid gear, but any applicant capable of reaching the required 320 hit/focus will be considered (unless you are desiring to be a healer forever which is ok too but we'd still like to see at least some T1 gear on you).

    We would love for you to apply

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    Who is this man who keeps posting for PN :-O

    Strad...is that you?
    Sinnyil <Harmless> - 50 Bahmi Warrior
    Former Guild Leader of <Play Nice>
    I like to speak from the heart, offer (often imperfect) advice, and spitball (sometimes terrible) ideas, and these opinions are solely my own and do not represent the views or strategies of <Harmless>.

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