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Thread: 7/11 Hammerknell Guild <Hex> Recruiting

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    Default 7/11 Hammerknell Guild <Hex> Recruiting

    <Hex> Alsbeth

    When do we raid?
    Weds/Thurs/Sun/Tues 5:00pm to 9pm PST
    80% raid attendance is mandatory to remain a main raider.

    What are we looking for?
    Mage (1) - Not archon
    Rogue (2-3) - Not bards
    Cleric (1) - Healer
    *subject to change*

    What gear is required?
    As we are no longer running GSB/ROS at any set time, players with gear below T3/Raid T1 need not concern themselves.

    What experience should you have?
    Minimum 2/11 HK kills; Murdanix is by no means something to brag about.

    How many soul trees should you have?
    5, versatility is a must.

    If you feel you meet the above requirements, what else could you do to put yourself ahead of others who may be interested in applying?
    Once Grugonim is downed, we will be entering the upper portion of HK. This means that players will require 400 hit/focus and 100-150 water resistance. If you can demonstrate that you are well on your way to meeting these soon to be necessary requirements, then you are definitely putting yourself ahead of many others.

    Where to app: http://hexalsbeth.enjin.com/home
    Posting an app is mandatory. Additionally, you must contact the guild via a toon on Alseth. This will allow for quicker processing of your application.
    Information to include: Character name, class, contact times.

    To sum up, this recruitment is for serious HK ready players only. We have no interest in training players to meet our minimum standards.

    For any further inquiries, please contact the above mentioned players ingame. Replies to this post on the forum page will not be looked at as serious.
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