WAR Legacy is a Hong Kong guild made up of friends from many previous MMORPGs over the years.

Most members are experienced gamers, many of which have been GMs or officers in other guilds and now come together.

We treat our members as friends and enjoy playing with each other in a no pressure environment.

We accept new members if they are from GMT+8 zone OR are friends of our members.

We do not actively recruit so don't expect a zerg guild and we do expect our members to be able to take care of themselves.(i.e. DO NOT ASK ME FOR GOLD!!!)

Just ask the below people for invite and play with us a while ... if you dont like it or we dont like you then feel free to leave.
Sogun, Momoland, Lanina, Sharky

Classes we are looking for:

Current progress
GsB - 5/5
RoS - 4/4
GP - 4/4
DH - 4/4
HK - 1/12

Raid time is 2130 - 2400 GMT+8 - Thursday, Friday and Tuesday for 20 men.

Guild forum