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Thread: <Heroic> - LF Raiders (4-7pm ST)

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    Default <Heroic> - LF Raiders (4-7pm ST)

    <Heroic>, a level 15 guild, is looking to fill a few core raiding positions for 20-man raids. Our current progression is:

    5/5 GSB
    3/5 RoS
    4/4 DH
    4/4 GP

    Our raid times are 4-7pm server time (still trying to nail down specific days), and we are looking for competent players with the following attributes:
    • Mature, patient, reliable and respectful. Tolerance with regard to a diverse team of different personalities.
    • At least full T2+ gear, mostly T3 preferred.
    • Working knowledge and use of keybindings, macros, and mouse turning (i.e. not a “clicker”).
    • A detailed understanding of your class/calling and able to push its potential beyond that of the average player.
    • Willing and capable of filling multiple roles for your class.
    • On time for raids, prepared (soul healed) with the proper research and consumables, and willing to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours without interruption.
    • Exceptional spatial awareness, reflexes, and focus with regard to game mechanics and general survivability (i.e. don’t stand in fires).
    • Ventrillo installation (preferably with working mic).
    • Project a positive reputation for the guild within the shard community.
    • Stable internet connection and adequate hardware to run graphic settings at “Medium” or better during a 20-man raid.
    • Prior MMO raiding experience is a plus.

    We offer:
    • A serious yet friendly raiding environment. Nobody will yell profanity at you, but you may receive constructive criticism and advice.
    • DKP system for all 20-man raids (with waiting list). 10-mans and raid rifts are all open random rolls, as they are not our primary focus for progression.
    • We strive to maintain a balance between a casual/family guild, and a 20-man progression guild under the same roof.
    • An active guild with something to do most every night (daily raid rifts, etc). We generally run two 10-man groups over the weekend, prior to normal raid time.

    We have the following openings:
    • 1-2 Mages (DPS, Chloro, and Archon specs). Should be proficient at both raid healing and dps as required. Pure DPS roles are expected to parse 1000+ single target dps minimum.
    • 1 Cleric (Healer/DPS). Primarily tank healing, but may provide DPS/support as required by the encounter.
    Even if your class/role is not listed, we are always on the lookout for competent players to bolster our ranks. If you feel that you may be a good fit, feel free to contact us in game or on our website at http://www.rift-heroic.tk for more information.


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    Bump. Brand spankin new website @ http://rift-heroic.org. Still need mages and clerics.

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