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Thread: <Chaos Rising> is recruiting

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    Default <Chaos Rising> is recruiting

    The short version of what you want to know:
    US Shatterbone (PvE) Guardian Side
    We raid Monday-Friday 9-11:30 est. We ask that you make at least 3 of these 5 days under normal circumstances although more is obviously prefered.
    We use loot council for loot distribution. We do track everything so people can see where loot goes.
    We are 5/5 GSB, 4/4 RoS, 4/4 GP, and 2/10 HK (matron).

    We focus on keeping a balance between making raids enjoyable while also progressing, which requires people putting in a solid effort to keep the environment enjoyable for all. If you'd like to speak to us about things, feel free to talk to Nexfor, Baroom, Fast, Sidhion, or myself. If you want to message me on guildlaunch use Sayam rather then Penguins. Everyone else you can message by using their character name.

    Attitude and ability to learn are by far the most important thing to us. While lots of T1 raid experience is nice, we can fix gear much easier then we can fix a poor player. That being said, part of a good attitude is doing as much as you can to get ready from pre raid sources. Raid rift items, T2s, the new crafted gear (and old stuff too), are all examples of things we would like to see from people that haven't gotten a chance to raid or have only had minimal experience. If you want to try to and join a guild that is already through a big portion of content, you have to do things to get your character ready to go.

    Callings and roles we're looking for:
    1 Supporticar Cleric. Being comfortable with additional roles such as dps and pure healing is a plus.
    1 Rogue dps that is able to go bard sometimes. Having the ability to tank is a big bonus although we aren't likely to have you tank a large number of fights.
    1-2 dps of any variety. Rogues that have the ability to go bard or mages that are comfortable with either chloro or archon are a plus.

    Awesome people are always encouraged to apply.
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