My husband and I are shopping around for a Rift raiding guild. Although we are still relatively new to Rift and coming back from a bit of a break (we are both currently level 45), we are both very experienced raiders. Both of us have raided heavily in WoW for years, lead raids in DAoC and played a variety of other MMOs.

We are on PST and prefer to raid two or possibly three nights a week, from roughly 8pm to 11pm PST.

I am unavailable Monday and Tuesday evenings until the end of December.

A bit about what we're looking for:
-We both raid to have fun as well as to beat encounters. We thus both want to enjoy raiding in a non-aggressive and helpful environment. This is a key requirement.
-We would also prefer to join a guild with a mainly 18+ population that is mature but doesn't take themselves too seriously. We hope to establish friendships and be able to laugh and joke around as well as get down to the business of raiding.

Once we get established, we're both very dependable raiders who give proper notice of upcoming absences and make every attempt to be as consistent and reliable as possible.

If you have any questions, you can send me a message through the forum boards.

Thanks for reading our post and considering us for your guild!