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Thread: Warrior tank/dps lf EST raid times

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    Default Warrior tank/dps lf EST raid times

    I play a guardian tank primarily but can also dps. In both roles I'm done gearing through experts and looking to find some similar players to start raiding with.

    I'm open to joining groups that have already started raiding or are looking to get started soon and just need a couple more raid ready players.

    I strongly prefer weekend raiding but I am willing to do some raiding on Monday/Wednesday evenings. 11pm is the latest I can go on work nights.

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    Hi ya Tigs..

    We're already in GSB and RoS but they're not quite on farm status yet. We do raid M,T,Fri 7:30 to 10 cst but raiding everyday is not required. We have our 10 mans set for Wed and Sunday (atm) We're very casual and put Rl>Game but we're hoping to step into Hammerknell soon.

    We only have 2 dps warriors and only 1 warrior tank that just had his work schedule changed.

    Come by the website (in the signature) and see what you think or if you have questions give me a yell.

    .... Recruiting officer for The Watch

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