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Thread: <-DCW-> PvP Guild

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    Default <-DCW-> PvP Guild

    DCW is now on Deepwood. We are looking for fellow Defiant players who like to PvP. We are open to all levels 10+.
    We have a small roster as of the time being, which we hope to increase.
    We are PvP focused, Myself and my friend/co-leader log in and queue up for Warfronts, or we travel out to do PvP Rifts.
    We are a Lvl 7 guild with PvP perks: Foe Hunter 3/3, Blood Thirsty 3/3, and Killing Spree 3/3.
    So if you like to PvP, and you like to do it with perks, we will be welcomed to have you.
    We also have a Ventrilo server.

    If interested, reply to this thread, or contact myself, or Raitning in game. If we aren't online at the time, send us a mail and we will respond as soon as we can.
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