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Thread: Mage(archon, dps) LF late night guild defiant

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    Default Mage(archon, dps) LF late night guild defiant

    Hello there my name is Baytril. I am looking for a new home to bring my Mage and warrior alt to. I am looking for a late night semi-serious guild to raid with. What I bring

    Archon (prefer), dps and pvp chloro/lock spec
    Completed GSB, GP, and DH
    Raid ready, 250 focus, mostly t2-3 gear
    Prestige Rank 5 (almost 6)

    I also have a tank warrior that I am working on getting raid ready.

    I want to meet a mature guild who raids Late.

    Preferably after 9pm. Hit me up here or in game Baytril- dayblind pvp server.

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    Liquidus on Keenblade raids 8-11 PST Tu & Th. We are 5/5 GSB and 3/4 RoS and in need of more DPS. If you are interested please apply at http://liquidus.guildlaunch.com
    Liquidus - Keenblade - http://liquidus.guildlaunch.com

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