Hi, I play a cleric tank at the moment. I have 184 Toughness 220 Focus and am 4/4 DH and 1/4 GP. I watch video's before every fight to get down the mechanics before i just hop in and get everyone killed LOL. I currently have a very nice Duracell offspec that i have made by myself to insure better raid heals during a boss fight that doesnt require 2 tanks or if someone else was tanking. That spec has 220 hit at the moment but could be raised higher with just a few runes. I also have a inquisitor dps spec aswell that has 220 hit. I would like to join a guild with no drama and content players looking to do raids at least 2-3 times a week.... More would be awsome. I currently can only gain just a very few peices from t2 instances so raiding is high priority. I don't care about loot that much but understand that tanks require better gear to progress into the tougher raid instances. So if i sound like someone you could use give me a holler and let me know. Thanks alot fellas.