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Thread: T3 Mage Chloro/Archon/DPs 6pm-9pm server time looking for solid progressive guild pve

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    Default T3 Mage Chloro/Archon/DPs 6pm-9pm server time looking for solid progressive guild pve

    5/5 GSB, 2/4 RoS. 300+ focus, so ready for HK. Seeking a mature guild, that likes to raid 3-4 times per week at about 6pm to 9pm server time. I am Vent, Teamspeak ready.

    Not looking for hardcore nor too casual, but trying to find that sweet spot on a pve server.

    51 Chloro and 51 Archon spec.

    Thank you,


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    We start raiding a little earlier then you are looking for, but we raid 3 nights a week. We might be what you're looking for. Give us a look.


    We are currently looking for the following, to help fill out our raid numbers. We raid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:00pm server time, to 9:00pm server time. We run two seperate groups for GP and DH; an evening group(after raids on the weekend), and a weekday group.

    We are looking for people that "fit" with our guild. Hot-heads, ego maniacs, and all around ****** bags, need not apply. We use Mumble for communicating, but actually talking is not required, but you have to be able to at least hear what everyone else is saying.

    We use a DKP system with open bidding for loot, with a don't be an ******* clasue.

    If you want some more info in game, /whisper: Greenarrow, Satiar, Wolfman, Dholmes, or Vexx. Or feel free to send me a PM, or repsond in the thread.

    Cleric: CLOSED
    Mage: OPEN
    Warrior: DPS only
    Rogue: DPS only

    You can find our rules, loot system, etc. @ http://legacyrift.enjin.com/home

    Our current raid progression is as follows:

    Murdantix - Down

    Duke Latareus - Down
    Infiltrator Johlen - Down
    Oracle Aleria - Down
    Prince Hylas - Down
    Lord Greenscale - Down

    Warmaster Galenir - Down
    Plutonus the Immortal - Down
    Herald Gaurath - Down
    Alsbeth the Discordant - Down

    Anrak the Foul - Down
    Guurloth - Down
    Thalguur - Down
    Uruluuk - Down

    Jorb - Down
    Joloral Ragetide - Down
    Isskal - Down
    Hydriss - Down
    Retired from raiding

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    What up Soleks

    I am the leader of the guild Harmless. We are on Sunrest. We raid Tues-Wed-Thurs 6-9/10 Server time aka PST aka 9-12 EST in HK and Sundays or Mondays GSB/RoS 6 server time.

    We're not hardcore as you can see from our times, we're a bunch of cool guys I think, but I am biased and we're looking for a good mage for a starting spot in HK. We're 5/11 in HK, WOOT! Hoping for 5/11 or 6/11 before the reset. If you're down to raid in a disciplined but not overbearing environment, come check us out. I am Ursa on the server if you wanna come over or come on a level 1 alt, you can also talk to Female my co leader / BFF / Mage leader.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    -Ursa aka Hermes
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    Citadel is looking for a solid mage for our raiding core. We raid monday 9 to 12 est tues-thurs 830 to 1230 est. If interested apply at www.citadel-rift.com
    "Its better to look ugly and win rather than pretty and lose"-me
    "Fortune favors the Bold"-Virgil
    Rogosh of Forsaken-Rodcet Nife EQ, Karsa and Karsaorlong- WoW
    Rogosh 50 Bahmi formerly warrior of Citadel may they rest in piece.

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    Default Eternal Eclipse

    Eternal Eclipse is recruiting raiders on the Gnarlwood shard

    We require members to be age 18+. We are a casual raiding guild meaning we do not require raid attendance and believe real life comes first. We want members who know when to have fun and when to be serious. We are looking for members who do not want drama and would like to raid without the pressures of a hardcore raiding guild. We still expect our raiders to follow directions and take criticism in order to improve their raiding performance.

    Class needs:
    Warriors: We are not recruiting at this time
    Clerics: Low (1-2)
    Mages: Low (1-2)
    Rogues: Low (1-2)
    *We are looking for players who are willing to play multiple roles as needed

    Raid Times:
    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday : 6-9pm (pst)
    *9pm is an estimated end time. We also do some off night raiding on occasion.

    Raid Progression:
    GP: 4/4 , DH: 4/4 , GSB: 4/5 , RoS: 2/5

    Loot Rules:
    We have our own customized point based loot system that is fair for those with low raid attendance and rewarding to those with high raid attendance

    Contact Information:

    or contact one of our leaders/officers in game
    Leaders: Evobe , Ferdinandx
    Raid Officer: Zahlia
    Recruitment Officer: Zehira, Mavyn

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