Hey all, long time player, first time poster on the forums.

I'll start off first by saying that I've been playing on Belmont (PVE) this whole time, so I've barely did any PVPing, but I'd like to start. I'm only rank 2 with my main (Cleric), I'd like to work on getting it to rank 8 eventually.

Now my characters:

Character: Olivia (Rank 2)
Main Spec: (Healer) Warden (28)/Sentinel (33)/Purifier (5)
Stats: 538 Wis, 368 Int, 1207 SP, 645 Spell Crit, 62 Focus (as healer for some reason) - All unbuffed.
Off-Spec: (Tank) Justicar (51)/ Shaman (10)/ Purifier (5)
Off-Spec Stats: 1115 Endur, 11,870 HP (Justicar buffed), 12012 AR, 347 Wis, 248 Int, 423 Dodge, 616 Parry, 552 Block (26.8%), 623 AP, 327 Phys Crit, 214 Hit/Focus, 200 Toughness
Off-Spec #2: (Melee DPS-Healer Hybrid) Justicar (31) [For Battle Rez]/ Shaman (25)/ Inquisitor (10)
Off-Spec #2 Stats: 496 Wis, 348 Int, 1095 AP/1073 SP, 588 Phys Crit/566 Spell Crit, 263 Hit/Focus

Alt(s): Tyrrael (T2-ready Rogue, Rank 1), Umbriaen (T2-ready Warrior, Rank 1)
Tyrrael's Specs: Saboteur/Blade Dancer/Assassin or 51 Bard
Umbriaen's Specs: Beastmaster/Champion/Rift Blade (Hit buffing until gear comes along) or 51 Void/Paladin,/Reaver, have enough toughness and hit to do GP and DH, but HP and AR are low right now.
Raid Info: Downed everything in GSB, ROS, DH, GP and 1/10 HK on Olivia. Haven't done any raids on alts.

Preferred Raid Times:

Anywhere between 4PM - 9PM Server time (7PM - 11PM EST)
I can do 3 - 4 times a week.

Any other things I haven't answered, just ask questions.