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Thread: Cleric tank LF home

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    Default Cleric tank LF home

    Im a cleric tank...and like many tanks i cant seem to find a guild in need of a raid ready tank. My stats are as follows
    Health 11042
    armor 11137
    dodge 484 (11.47%)
    parry 649 (10.5%)
    block 487 (24.73%)
    hit/focus 202
    toughness 152
    I am looking for a guild that raids anytime between 7 am and 3pm server or a weekend raiding guild that raids friday and saturday...every other day of the week will b undoable due to the fact that i am currently in spain on deployment.

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    Default Guild Looking for Clerics

    COme check us out at Shattered Sky http://shatteredsky.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0 we sound like a good match for you.

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