<Cyanobacterians> Shard: Laethys is a level 11 social guild with Adelaide players and Australian players in general.

Just started raiding couple of weeks ago, 1/4 DH looking at second boss but short on numbers. Have been 7 man'ing first boss.
Raid time Wednesday aest: 7:00pm and/or Sunday aest:6:00pm

Cyano is for you if:
- You are friendly
- You are casual (generally most people are on after work & weekends)
- Female friendly (have several female members)
- Enjoy beer (or lolly water if your female) while raiding
- Don't get too offended by a little bit of foul language on Teamspeak (construction worker, need i say more :P )

Cyano is NOT for you (and you will be removed) if:
- You think you are god all mighty of the Rift world
- If you can only handle 1 shooting every raid boss
- If you are aggressive or rage at any members in any capacity for standing in aoe
- Harass female members

In game mail or tell Greenorchid or Blueorchid or Tyj for more information or a chat in game.