We are Mayhem--a level 15 raiding guild on the Keenblade sever that emphasizes a balance between progression raiding and our private/ professional lives. We raid four days each week for a total of 12 hours. Since our raiding time is limited, we get right down to business after form-up.

Raid times are as follows:

Tuesday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Friday: 6pm - 9pm
Saturday: 6pm - 9pm

All times are Pacific Standard.

Recruitment needs as follows:

Cleric - 1 versatile healer/ -icar
Mage - Low
Rogue - Low
Warrior - 1 Tank and 1 DPS/Tank

Raid Progression

GSB - Cleared
ROS - Cleared
HK - 1/11
GP - Cleared
DH - Cleared

All candidates (raiders) must be able to speak and hear through Ventrillo, as well as listen to directions. We do not berate players for performance, but will not tolerate an inability to listen or play as part of a team.

We expect our candidates (raiders) to have:

1. A mature attitude
2. A toon that is at least level 50 with at least 280 to primary stats (preferably 310)
3. A sound understanding of the game
4. A working microphone and a stable internet connection; we use Ventrillo, and we expect our applicants to be able to use it, too.
5. A team-first mentality
6. A clear understanding that deaths and/ or wipes are part of the progression process
7. The ability to receive constructive criticism, learn from mistakes, and show improvement

Please do not apply if:

1. You are an elitist and have no desire to play on a team
2. You get frustrated by wiping or learning new encounters
3. You fail to take initiative in learning the best specs, best-in-slot gear, etc...
4. You don't want to be a part of the guild outside of raiding; community is just as important to us as progression

If you want to be part of a community of friendly people who are here to progress and enjoy the game, please submit an application on our web site.

Please visit our web site and read our Guild Charter for additional information. http://www.mayhemguild.us

Send in game tells to: Danno, Curate, Simian, Atreayu, or Thrasius